Taxis in UAE must reject passengers without seatbelts

Passengers who don’t buckle up will be rejected by taxi drivers in Abu Dhabi, following the new traffic laws, Khaleej Times has learned.
Taxi drivers said they have been asked to first inform their passengers to put on the seat belts, even those seated at the back, and were told to reject those that don’t comply.
A Dh400 fine will also be handed to drivers who are caught with passengers not wearing their seat belts.
“I wait all day to pick up passengers, but now I have to reject them and tell them to get out of my car if they don’t want to wear their seatbelt,” said a taxi driver from Uganda, who has been working for three years in Abu Dhabi.
A TransAD customer service representative confirmed the new rules for taxi drivers.
“It is affecting us as taxi drivers, because not all our customers will wear their seat belts, even if we tell them that there is a Dh400 fine,” added the driver.

He stressed that taxi drivers do not want to reject passengers, claiming that he is already finding it difficult to meet his monthly target of Dh15,000, since the taxi fairs spiked in June.
With a minimum flag-fall of Dh5, a minimum booking trip of Dh12, and minimum booking fees of Dh4, residents are now looking at more affordable ways of commuting.
“It is really hard for us to find passengers, because the fairs are so expensive. People now prefer to just drive or catch the bus to save money.”
He said he has witnessed a staggering decrease in the number of passengers.
“I had more than 40 passengers a day before the taxi fairs increased, but now I only pick up around 20 a day.”
“If I have to reject my customers for not wearing their seat belts, then it will just decrease.”
Another taxi driver, from India, said he had to reject two passengers in one day after they refused to wear their seat belts, because he did not want to risk receiving a hefty fine.
“Rejecting passengers means there is less chance of me meeting my daily target, but what can I do?” he asked.
He added that since June, the number of passengers he picks up have also been cut in half.
“I used to pick up around 50 customers a day, but now I only get 20.”
He said taxi drivers were also warned that authorities might not always pull them over for a fine, if their passengers are not buckled up.
“We might just receive a text message saying we have received a Dh400 fine.”
The Federal Traffic Law No.21 of 1995 was amended across the entire emirate on July 1. One of the traffic rules requires all passengers to buckle up, or face a fine of Dh400 and four traffic points.BBEd8W6

Christian man ‘kills teenage daughter over relationship with Muslim prisoner’ in Israel

A Christian man has been charged with murdering his daughter over her relationship with a Muslim man in Israel.
Sami Karra denies killing his 17-year-old daughter, Henriette, in what prosecutors describe as a suspected “honour” killing.
An indictment seen by local media said the Israeli Arab family objected to her relationship with the man, who was serving time in prison, and intention to convert to Islam for him.
Their year-long relationship had sparked “vehement opposition” from relatives, whose threats allegedly forced her to flee her home in May and send messages to friend fearing “they are sending people to kill me”.
Police and social services had intervened in the case, summoning Henriette and her parents to a joint meeting on 11 June – two days before she was killed – and suggesting she enter a women’s shelter.
Officials said the teenager refused the offer and asked for help to rent a flat instead, returning to her parents’ home and attending a graduation party at her Jewish school the next day.
On 13 June, Henriette deposited 400 shekels (£86) into her boyfriend’s prison canteen account before returning home and telling a relative he would be released at the end of the week, and that she intended on converting to Islam.
Haaretz reported that the relative called Henriette’s father and told him of her plans.
She was found dead with stab wounds to the neck in the kitchen of her parents’ home in the town on Ramle on 13 June.
According to documents seen by the Jerusalem Post, the father believed Henriette’s actions “damaged the honour of the family and made him feel ashamed”.
“The defendant decided to cause the death of the deceased and in order to realise his goal he was equipped with a knife,” the indictment said.
“The defendant stabbed the deceased three times, causing her death on the spot.”BBEFkp2

مفاجأة في مكتب الضمان الاجتماعي في النبطية؟؟

فوجئ مواطنون بقيام مدير فرع الضمان في مدية النبطية بتسيير معاملاتهم بدلا عن احد الموظفين المتغيبين و يذكر ان مدير الفرع المذكور الشاب صغير السن نسبة الى موظفي الدولة الاخرين و هو يمتاز بحماسة غير معتادة لتلبية حاجات منتسبي الضمان مقارنة مع غيره من المدراء و الموظفين في مختلف مؤسسات الدولة الموجودة في المنطقة